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When in the course of human events…

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Declaration of the principles of a failed State

When you can not remove a president who is flagrantly and openly racist, sexist, cruel, and dangerous, then you have a failed government.

When you can not remove a president who is too mentally ill to fully understand his own acts and becomes a clear and present danger to others, then you have a failed government.

When the president is a traitor and, in an alliance with Russia, is waging war against the country and its people and no one can stop him, then you have a failed nation.

When ordinary citizens can purchase and dress up in military regalia, but the guns that they carry everywhere are not similitudes, then you have a failed military.

When too many of your citizens are ignorant and uneducated, unable to reason, unable to distinguish fact from fantasy, science from opinion, then you have a failed educational system.

When you can be murdered in cold blood and in bright daylight in public or in the presumed privacy of your own home because your skin is darker than some people appreciate, then you have a failed system of human rights.

When you and your children can be beaten brutally and repeatedly by someone who claims to love you and you cannot get adequate support and protection, then you have a failed judicial system.

When people can’t distinguish individuality from narcissistic entitlement, arrogance from self-esteem, ambition from greed, then you have a failed ethical and moral system.

When an increasingly large segment of your population ridicules intellectuals, scientists, and professors and prefer the opinions of uneducated celebrities and hucksters, then you have a failed citizenry.

When most of your citizens are being poisoned or made sick by the very food that they are offered for purchase, when that food is filled with harmful oils, sugar, and impurities, then you have a failed nutritional system.

When actors, business people, and sports figures get paid so much money that they can happily and heroically donate millions to a cause of their choice, while teachers cannot survive without taking gig jobs, then you have a failed economic system.

When people can demonstrate the ability to infect and kill others and call it freedom, then you have a failed political system.

When you can devote a day to mourning those who have fallen in war, but their sacrifice does not actually defend their fellow citizens or their country itself but instead helps create more business opportunities for the wealthy, then you have a failed military system.

When women and children can be and are being trafficked for profit, then you have a failed legal, judicial, and moral system.

When women have to struggle for one hundred years to acquire equal rights with the other half of the population and still have not achieved them, then you have a failed democratic system.

When people make different amounts for an identical job depending on their gender or skin color and not on their ability, then you have a failed economic and moral system.

When men’s endless wars are fought on women’s bodies, then you have a failed military agenda.

When even the peacekeepers are rapists and bring prostitution wherever they land, then you have a failed system of peace, which means more than just not waging war.

When an overwhelming number of veterans, many mentally ill and traumatized by their experiences in war, are left to live in the streets or die tragically from starvation or suicide, then you do not know how to honor veterans or support their recovery.

When it is a serious crime to love whom you will and marry whom you choose, then you have a failure in freedom and equality.

When people are intentionally separated into tribes that disdain and despise the others instead of recognizing the freedom and desirability of diversity and commonality and the designated leader of the country encourages these divisions and the concomitant hatred, then you have a failed citizenry and a failed presidency.

When those designated and elected to lead and protect us are the most incompetent and dangerous of everyone, then you have a failed federal government.

When services for the physically and mentally ill or disabled are too much of an expense to be shouldered automatically so that they are instead left to economic ruin or even death, then you are a failed humanity.

When problems in living are medicated into unconsciousness and dreadful side effects rather than being understood and treated humanely, then you have a failed medical system.

If in the course of human events, any nation or peoples tragically have all these defects and deficits, then this nation can not long endure. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us… that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. May we emerge from this quarantine a better and kinder people and may it be so.

This article was originally published in the Wall Street International Magazine.

Ellyn Kaschak

Ellyn Kaschak

Ellyn Kaschak, Ph.D. is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning psychologist, author and teacher. She is well-known as a speaker, workshop leader, human rights advocate and a public intellectual.