Ellyn Kaschak, Ph.D. is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning psychologist, author and teacher. She is well-known as a speaker, workshop leader, human rights advocate and a public intellectual.

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Sight Unseen Gender and Race Through Blind Eyes

Engendered Lives: A New Psychology of Women’s Experience

Global Border Crossings: Feminist Activists and Peace Workers Collaborating Across Cultures

Minding the Body: Psychotherapy in Cases of Chronic and Life-Threatening Illness

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Seeing Is Believing or Is Believing Seeing | Ellyn Kaschak ’65 | TEDxBinghamtonUniversity

I will describe my intensive 10 years of work with individuals who are all blind since birth. Since they have had no opportunity to visually observe the cues the sighted use to code gender, race and sexual orientation, their ideas and the ways they learned them reveal how these constructs are just that and are not based in biology at all. Instead, they are constructed by and for the sighted. Using many examples, I will show unerringly the blindness of the sighted.

Ellyn Uram Kaschak Institute for Social Justice for Women and Girls

Ellyn Kaschak helps establish research institute for women at Binghamton University Donation made by Ellyn Uram Kaschak, '65, to support student, faculty research

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November 27, 2019 in Blog

To Be Young and Unhappy

The pressures on young people today. One of the hallmarks of feminist therapy is the insistence that pain not be privatized. First described by the useful and perhaps necessary trope that “the personal is political,” feminist psychology dismisses common boundaries…
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October 23, 2019 in Blog

Important Questions About Gender and Gender Transition

Is Gender Sex and Sex Gender? I want to tread somewhat lightly into controversial territory, but I do want to try to disentangle what has become of late a highly charged, epistemologically and pragmatically confusing set of issues. My primary…
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September 18, 2019 in Blog

What Is Shame?

It has become popular among politicians and comedians. Feminist psychology and feminism in general have been at the forefront of the discussion of the dynamics of shame. Shame is used in many cultures as a behavioral and psychological system of…
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August 19, 2019 in Blog

What Is Mental Illness and Who Has It?

Are mass murderers mentally ill? Are the white supremacist shooters mentally ill? The answer to this question rests on a foundation of observations and cultural assumptions. In reality, the term “mental illness” is an aspiration rather than a reality used…
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